GoW:UE : Welcome to Darkfrag, Fragah, NiKS & Dynam !

Thu 8th Oct 2015 - 4:24pm : Gaming



We are really glad to announce you the new coming of the first AAA-game team at Fragdown ! Indeed, on January 2015, we decided to open our gates to the most famous games, but we prefered to wait the right moment, but especially the good players !

Our new team, made up of 4 really experienced and famous names of the scene is composed of :


Jérémy "DARKFRAG" G. / 22 years old / Previous teams : iGamerz, Fairfrag, exes, Reakless.

Best results :

  • Gamer Assembly 2009 - 2nd
  • A4 reload Paris - 1st
  • EGL 4 - 3rd
  • EGL 7 - 2nd
  • EGL9 - 1st
  • Microsoft CUP - 1st

Twitter : @FD_Darkfrag


Armine "DYNAM" C. / 22 years old /  Previous teams : Mythix (mx360), SGi.

Best results :

  • EGL 9 - 2nd
  • Microsoft CUP - 2nd
  • A4 Reload Paris - 2nd

Twitter : @FD_Dynam


Erwan "FRAGAH" C. / 21 years old / Previous team : SGi

Best results :

  • EGL 9 - 2nd
  • Microsoft CUP - 2nd

 Twitter : @FD_Fragah


Nicolas "NIKS" C. / 23 years old / Previous team : iGamerz

Best results : 

  • A4 Reload Paris - 1st
  • A4 Metz - 2nd
  • WCG France 2007 - 3rd/4th

Twitter : @FD_NiKS



Left station : Darkfrag (1st) / Right station : Fragah (2nd), Dynam (3rd)

@Microsoft CUP, Grand Final


After Darkfrag alias D2 leaved Rdamage, he really wanted to make up a solid roster to play for the best placements. He immediatly talked to NiKS, an old friend and teammate from iGamerz who he played Gears of War 2 with, 7 years ago ! Then, he contacted Fragah and Dynam who have achieved really great results together on the previous episode (Gears of War: Judgement).

Apart from D2, this group has not been involved in GoW:UE so far, but the entire team has a big LAN experience.

Without played any matchs, only 2 hours after they teamed up, the team registered in the Gfinity tournament to see their global level. They already placed 3rd / 4th after their first Semi Finals against Effect.


Good luck to all the team !

Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

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