Fragdown signed it's second CSX team

Wed 22nd Mar 2017 - 1:33pm : Gaming


After weeks of scouting and discussions, Fragdown is proud to announce the signing of Christian "Zenhger" Inglés, Vincent "Vin" Bear, Charlie "Rossi" Clark and Anthony "Anthrax" Peters. The new players will team up with Rick "Spartan" William, who have signed his 90 days contract with the club before the beggining of CSX Pro League Season 2 as captain of Fragdown Academy.

We are extremely happy to have gathered a team who desires, as we do, to compete and win at the highest levels possible. This is a team of talented individuals that have shown great progress as players and teammates of their respective former teams over the past few months.

"I expect FD to train us into a top 3 team for now, in the long run I want FD to be our only competition even tho Effect will 90% not make that possible. My objectives for FDA (Fragdown Academy) are to help FD work on there retakes, holds and any other mistakes they appear to have. And finally help FDA become a very good team that can beat anyone. We have the potential to and will succeed in doing so during future events" said Vincent "Vin" Bear.

The team’s first outing as part of the new team will be this week-end already from March 24th-31st as part of the 360Global Open Qualifiers. Following that they will compete in this Major and CSX Pro League Season 3 and other events organized by CSXbox.

Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

Fragdown Ematic

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