TopicCholesterol and Diet - Cholesterol Can Be Balanced By Our Diet

  • Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 7:08am

    - There are ethical reasons to eat fruit: they use less energy and water to produce than other, testmax-nutrition  foods and because you can enjoy them raw, you can save electricity or gas because you don't need to cook them. So overall you're acting responsibly towards the environment, when you choose food above other fruit;

    "Isn't this just the most incredible invention?" asked Hanno Tauschwitz, a senior journalist at the newspaper in Germany where I was completing my internship. "You can just pop it into your bag in the morning, go to work, pull it out, eat it, know that it is a fantastic food for your body, and then get rid of the packaging which decomposes, leaving no rubbish behind. No mess, no fuss - and it's simply delicious!"

    Hanno was talking about a banana, which he had just taken out of his bag and started to peel while praising its virtues. This was 1988 and bananas were a hot topic in Germany: the two halves of the country were being united and people from East Germany were experiencing the taste of bananas for the first time in their lives. Unlike Harro. He was born and raised in the Western part and was something of a health 'nut'. But he was really good looking and an excellent writer, so everyone forgave him.




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