Topic 3 Tips To Lose Weight Fast At Home

  • Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 7:53am

    Although it's well-known that the first experiment with subliminal French Wine For A Flat Belly messaging in recent times, was in a US movie theatre in the 1950s, the Pharaohs had slaves murmur positive affirmations to their children while they slept. So subliminal messaging isn't as new-fangled as many believe.

    In the movie trial, the words, "I want popcorn," were written on 4 otherwise blank frames of film. The film was projected at 16 frames per second. So the words were on-screen for a measly quarter-second. Too fleeting for anybody to consciously see more than a flicker. Yet popcorn sales increased by 57.8%!

    In this case the subliminal messages only aroused a yearning for a taste the audience already enjoyed. Anyone who disliked popcorn wouldn't have been influenced to like and buy it. That would take more repetition over a longer period of time.

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