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  • Wed 10th Oct 2018 - 8:07am

    In a subsequent visit to the local health food store, I discovered on the shelf there, Michael-dempseys-vedda-blood-sugar-remedy  two forms of B-12, cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin, and without a convincing explanation from the proprietor about which to use, I then checked the library and elsewhere for information about which form would be the best for me.

    Here is what I found out:
    From available credible literature, I learned that there are several forms of B-12 in addition to the two most readily available mentioned above. My conclusion is that methycobalamin is the form for me, it seems that it is better absorbed by the body's nerve tissues and is also retained there in greater amounts, making it more effective in treating a variety of nervous system problems such as numbness and loss of feeling, tingling, burning sensations, muscle cramps and others

    As a diabetic I have often been told to be aware of any such sensations or lack of sensations, especially in the lower extremeties, the feet in other words. Most of us have heard of or have read about amputations in diabetes patients and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that for some prior years there had been more than 70,000 lower limb amputations related to diabetes, more than 60% of all such amputations in the United States. Diabetes UK states that diabetes is a major cause of lower-limb amputations throughout the world and that foot problems are most often the reason for hospitalization of patients who have diabetes.

    If we are not already aware of those statistics, we should now take them into consideration as we try to control our blood sugar levels and manage our diabetic condition.





  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 8:57am

    You have shared a good information with us. Actually, I was thinking to have some treatment and preventive measures for diabetes. Accidentally I have seen the post and I was happy to see those details. You have given some informative content about the treatment of diabetes. You have provided certain things that are to be checked out in case of diabetes.     treatment of sleep apnea

  • Thu 18th Oct 2018 - 6:19am

    It is a great thing that you guys have shared a great and healthy diet for diabetes patients. Both my parents are diabetic and I hope that the diet shared here can be good for them. Keep on sharing more and more posts like this.

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