TopicWhat Does Balance Mean to You?

  • Thu 10th Jan 2019 - 11:51am

    Lemon diet (also called the lemon cleanse) as the nameSlim Life Dietsuggests is nothing but being on a liquid diet (made of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper) for a period of ten to twelve days. The diet does not recommend you to consume anything solid. Even fruits are restricted during the lemon cleanse diet. However for people that just intend to lose weight, melons are suggested. Some people add the flavor of religion and continue to be on fast for a span of 40 days. There are two objectives for this diet - one is to lose weight and the other one is to detoxify the whole system.People are under an impression that toxins are accumulated all over the body internally. They blame the drugs, sedentary lifestyle, junk foods and other bad practices such as smoking and drinking to be the cause for toxin accumulation. The lemon cleanse diet promises that these toxins could be eliminated. Nonetheless what has to be learnt here is that our organs are functionally very active once when they are not disturbed with the bad practices mentioned above. Therefore the chances of toxin accumulation are quite slim. Perhaps what can be guaranteed is that the diet can put your digestive system at rest. Yet again, if you are someone suffering from any sort of digestive complications or cardiac problems, you should consult your dietician before opting for the lemon cleanse.

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