TopicTherapy For OCD - How to Get the Best Therapy For Your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

  • Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 12:57pm

    Then when I was nine years old, Daddy bought a TV. I looked at "Father Knows Best",SG11 ReviewOzzy and Harriet and other family comedies. I wondered why can't I live in a family like that instead of a family that lived in a war zone..I finally graduated from High School in 1960. My grandmother had passed on which had taken some of the pressure off of the family. Daddy built us a house in a near-by larger town, closer to his work. I got a job in a shoe factory for a year, then went to college for a secretarial course. I had started dating and had quite a lot of dates once I left my hometown.

    I met the man of my dreams at age 19. We were married three years later. Although we had four beautiful and healthy children, I still had bouts of depression. I would have periods where I was motivated and accomplished a lot but I would sink into apathy and depression. But overall we were pretty happy. I also found out after our marriage that my husband has depression. It runs in both of our families. Also, I don't think the part of my brain that determines our happiness level ever developed. I didn't know what happiness is, much less how to achieve it.

    When we were in our 50's we had a very serious financial setback. My husband's high-stress job had taken a toll on his health so he had to take an early retirement at 56. Our children were going to college, getting married and establishing lives of their own. I took a part-time job at the Post Office of our small town. We had severe depression for several years. Then at age 59 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Naturally I expected the worst possible outcome. The cancer was small and wasn't in the lymph nodes but I stopped planning for the future and skipped the goal-setting section of self-help books,We had heard of doctors using magnets to help depressed patients. My husband bought some strong magnets from Radio Shack. We would hold them to our head but it didn't help. We tried all kinds of anti-depressants but they had a lot of side-effects. The treatment was worse than the disease.

    I always wanted a new brain! I have always had medium to low-grade depression. I didn't know that I had a lack of neurotransmitters that carry the messages from one neuron to the next along neural pathways.Never did I think that a method would be invented in my Senior Citizen years that would alleviate my depression, make me more motivated and actually improve my brain by causing it to grow new neurons and neural pathways. It would actually make me smarter.I came from a dysfunctional home. My grandmother lived with my parents. She hated my mother and tried her best to convince me that my mother was a bad woman and turn me against her. My parents were miserable and I had a miserable, lonely childhood. I had no brothers or sisters. I didn't fit in with the other kids at school. They teased me constantly. I took unhappiness for granted. I thought everyone was like us. I daydreamed all the time to escape.



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