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  • Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 1:36pm

    Educate the OCD sufferer, but do so slowly and calmly, especially if he or she is in denial.SG11 Review12Do so without accusations or stipulations. Give them pamphlets or any articles or websites recommended by a doctor. The more they learn, the more they will realize they are not alone and there truly is help out there,Be supportive. Do not sweep things under the carpet. Always be candid, do not play down their behavior or sound negative and critical. Do not try to reason with them, instead discuss their worries and anxieties openly. Remind them that you are there for them.

    If they haven't already, persuade them to visit a family physician. A family physician is less intimidating than a psychiatrist. They won't feel quite so threatened.Don't forget to take care of yourself. So many individuals, who live with someone requiring extra care, get so caught up in taking care of their loved one they forget about themselves. Find time to rejuvenate, try to preserve a semblance of normalcy for yourself. Don't forget everyone needs some measure of solitude, some quiet time. Don't deny yourself that.

    Do you know that ADHD is so common among children that close to 9% of the American children are now affected with it? If this is a disturbing fact, what is even more disturbing is that the most commonly used prescription medication for ADHD is so harmful, that it leaves the children with many diseases like high blood pressure, headache, increased heart beat, nausea etc and increased chance risk of depression and psychological problems in adulthood. At a time like this, curing ADHD without medication becomes important. If you think that it isn't easy to treat ADHD without medication, read this article to know how it can be done.Prescription drugs can give you some relief from ADHD, or at least lessen the occurrence. Nevertheless, this comes at a heavy cost as your child is also subjected to the various side-effects that come along with the medicines. The harsh chemicals cause long term damages in your child. So does it really make sense for you, as a responsible parent to expose your child to such risks? This is indeed a question that has many parents thinking. However, fortunately there is hope. ADHD without medication has become a reality and a lot of people are opting for it too.

    Treating a child with ADHD without medication is possible. First and foremost you have to monitor your child's diet. Make sure you serve them fresh, nutritious food. Most of processed foods have harmful preservatives that only go on to aggravate the disorder. Also ensure that your child gets proper and sufficient exercise, as this helps your child in getting relief from a number of ADHD symptoms. Exercising helps the body release chemicals like dopamine and epinephrine which naturally cure ADHD. As a result, exercise and proper diet help in reducing ADHD without medication.A reason why most parents opt for prescription drugs is that they show immediate effects. However, what this also does is expose the child to dangerous side-effects, something that the natural remedies like homeopathy do not do. If you are looking to cure ADHD without medication, that is free from side effects, you can close your eyes and opt for homeopathy, which offers excellent natural treatments for ADHD.

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