TopicSUI tax rates: How to Change in Basic, Enhanced or Standard Payroll

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    This article covers how to change SUI tax rates for basic, enhanced or standard payroll.

    What is the Sui tax rate?

    SUI stands for State unemployment insurance rate. The SUI is an employer-funded tax that provides short-term benefits to those employees who lost or left their jobs for a variety of reasons. Read in detail about state unemployment taxes here.

    • SUI tax rates are important to your business and issued by your state.
    • SUI rate is not part of the tax table update and critical that you type your current rate in 

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    • SUI tax rates are paid only by the employer unless you are in a state that requires workers to contribute.
    • The SUI wage base limit is updated by the tax table according to your state’s requirements and cannot be manually modified.
    • Most states update their SUI rate in the beginning of the year, while others like as New Jersey, Vermont and Tennessee, update their rates in the third quarter of the year.

    The majority of states attaches a surcharge or assessment to state unemployment. To ensure that you type the correct percentage rate for the SUI portion:

    • Compare the breakdown of the rate on your notice with a sample copy for your state.
    • If your state attaches an assessment or surcharge item, update the rate for that payroll item in QuickBooks.

    Steps to change SUI tax rates in QuickBooks Desktop

    We have step by step details to change SUI tax rate. If you need any type of help and support services, you may 

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    • First of all, select Lists and then click Payroll Item List.
    • After that, double-click the SUI tax item, which is typically named: [state abbreviation] – unemployment company.
    • After that, click Next button and then click Next to Company tax rates for[year] and then type the correct rates for each quarter.

    How to change SUI tax rates- basic, enhanced or standard Payroll

    If your system date is between 7/1 and 1/1 you will also be capable to include the rate for the first quarter of the following year.

    How to change SUI tax rates- basic, enhanced or standard Payroll

    • After you enter the correct rates, you may get a message to Payroll Tax Rate Change Warning and then click Continue. Your SUI rates are updated.How to change SUI tax rates- basic, enhanced or standard Payroll
    • Click Next once and then click to clear any compensation items that are not subject to your SUI tax.
    • At last, click Next and then click Finish.

    If you want to modify SUI wage bases and sums reported for your workers, set up a Payroll report to regulate these numbers. See steps below:

    • First of all, click reports and then click employees and payroll and then payroll item detail.
    • After that, set the date to see each specific quarter.
    • After that, click Customize Report button and choose the following:
      • Date
      • Source Name
      • Payroll Item
      • Wage Base
      • Amount
    • After that, click the Filters Under Filter chooses Payroll Item from the list.
    • After that, click the down arrow under the payroll item and choose your state unemployment item.
    • After that, click
    • Look at the total wage base column for the SUI and multiply it by your present rate.
    • Match results with sums calculated.

    If you have workers who are over or under collected for SUI then you can set up rectifying positive or negative liability adjustment for the influenced worker and influenced quarter.

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