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  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 6:01am

    Mounting: Your solar panels will need to be mounted in a safe  O’Neal Energy Slasher Review and secure manner. It is also an import to protect your investment from the wind. Proper solar panel mounting provides stability and the correct directional and latitudinal orientation for the solar array. You will need to decide on the location of the panels on your property before you decide to mount the modules on the roof, wall, the ground, or on a pole on your property.

    Wiring and Collector boxes: If you are connecting several panels, you will need a safe and secure way to connect all the panels, this is called a Multi-Contact Connector or Collector Box. The wiring from your panel array needs to be of the correct type and size, or you will simply loose power in the wiring before it even gets to your storage system, as the wires resistance can significantly reduce power.

    Collector and Fuses: Your panel wiring is usually run to a "collector box", and from there to your solar charge controller. Combiner Boxes are used to collect the wiring from multiple solar panels, and then from the combiner box you run one set of wires to the solar charge controller. For safety, you will need a breaker switch(fuse) on each solar array. Adequate fuse protection is to prevent over heating of the cables in a fault or overload situation which, if unprotected, could result in a fire.

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