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    HelloDoc health is an office management software developed by the medical software development for the paramedical professions.
    It allows in a simple and intuitive way the following:
    * Teletransmission of care sheets
    * the realization of letters using a powerful word processor
    * follow-up of current treatments with detailed planning of sessions
    * Management of tours as defined by the sector and by professional
    * the automatic allocation of appointments according to the schedule of tours.

    Those functions of HelloDoc Health serve as a help to medical assistants in their daily practice. Modules Nurse, Physiotherapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Orthoptist, Podiatrist. They are automatically proposed to the creation of your office.
    Thanks to the medical software development, you are never alone.
    HelloDoc Health provides an online help of hundreds of documents and 150 different menu options.
    - Several basic dictionaries guide the information entry; Useful additions for writing various texts.
    - Address notebooks at your disposal; They make it possible to save the co-ordinates of your colleagues, health insurance funds, third-party payers, banks of your patients.
    - An integrated backup utility; It allows to save on any device (USB key, external disk ...) the data of the cabinet.
    - Files archiving; It allows you to easily "classify" files that are no longer used (patients who have died or who have moved). An additional unarchiving function allows you to consult a folder again.

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