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  • Mon 9th Apr 2018 - 11:55am

    In times like these, people struggle to find the definitive and Thyromine easiest way to solve one epidemic that has plagued the entire population of the world since time immemorial: obesity. Although some may think that it is a ridiculous fact to believe, how can anyone think of it as a possibility of occurring considering the situation that our world is in? Everybody should face the truth that technology and the convenience of drive through fast food has made lives easier for everybody compared with the times when man first learned how to make fire. While this phenomenon is occurring in certain developed countries, one specific country has invented a special discipline that hopes to address the physiological and psychological aspects of diet difficulties, and that is acupuncture for weight loss.

    Acupuncture for weight loss has been around since Ancient China, and has survived the course of time for centuries. People in China have relied on this practice for a lot of notable conditions such as diseases, pain, and bone structure. However, many of these people are not aware that acupuncture for weight loss is also an effective practice. The key principle involved in acupuncture for weight loss is that the body has circulating forces often referred to as Qi or Chi. Now during specific points of our lives, this flow of life energy could be either blocked or interrupted, and this is where acupuncture comes in. With the use of this method, life energy in the body could be successfully redirected and restored, leading to greater balance in overall health. Unfortunately, in obesity, two key factors are involved: an imbalance in physiological chi, and an imbalance in psychological chi. In order to restore this balance, acupuncture for weight loss could be applied on certain parts of the body, specifically the ear.


  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 6:49pm

    Surely, when you hear the word "shake" a lot of calories pop up in the mind, no? Well it surely does in mine because shakes are like a blend of calories - milk, fruit and SUGAR! God! However, since the title of this article read healthy shakes, I was compelled to check out this writing. I must say i am thoroughly impressed as i have never heard about such healthy shakes before. Inevitably, i would love to try these out and share my experience with you!

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