TopicCauses of Memory Loss - Memory Topics Most Adults Worry About But Shouldn't

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 5:49am

    A doctor can diagnose most cases, however, nobody can be absolutely sure until after death and a microscopic Brain Plus IQ   examination of the brain can be conducted. What can be done? It is a terminal disease; it can not be cured and will end in death. However, there are various medications which can slow down the process of this disease, and there are other medications that can improve upon the symptoms. Should you suspect a loved one has this disease, get some advice and help quickly. Get your answers and options now, not later. Reach out to someone who knows!

    I read. I learn. I write. I report. If this article is information you need, expand on it, find someone like me to talk to. I have lived this disease several times. I am passionate about slowing down the aging process. Get back to me

    Successful individuals with ADHD established habits that facilitate their success. These five daily habits are not difficult to master but do not come naturally to those of us with ADHD. It is essential for those of us living with ADHD to learn the habits that will enable our success so that we may realize our full potential. 



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