TopicHaving the Courage to Be a Success

  • Thu 26th Apr 2018 - 9:41am

    Communication with a Purpose

    Whether you are writing or speaking the most Raikov Effect Review important aspect of communicating effectively is to do so with a well defined purpose. Before you speak or write make sure you have clearly decided the purpose of your communication. It may be to inform, educate, persuade, sell, or to seek information. It may well be all of those. The important thing is to have a clear idea in your mind what your purpose is for communicating before you begin.

    In most cases the most effective way to get your message across is with clarity and the minimum number of words necessary. To do this you must have a very clear idea of what you are saying and why.

    Effective Listening

    Many people think of communication in terms of what they want to convey. It is equally important however to effectively listen. Communication is a two way street. You must listen carefully to ascertain if your message is being received properly. Listening carefully also provides hints about what your audience wants or needs to hear. Once you know what your audience wants or needs to hear you can conform your communication style and content to meet the audience's needs. If you do not meet their needs your efforts are wasted no matter how eloquently stated.


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