TopicCould You Survive an Urban Disaster?

  • Fri 13th Jul 2018 - 5:22am


    The historical Merlin was one of Europe's Alphanation Combat Fighter Review greatest oracles. Merlin has been described in ancient texts as being a Celtic shaman, a kind of half-man and half-demon. Merlin's prophecies were published in 1135 and one of the things he predicted was that "A colony shall be founded by virgins in virgin soil." Does this Merlin prophecy point to the first American colony being established on land that became the state of Virginia? Merlin's words can certainly be interpreted to indicate this.

    Merlin foresaw a British victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, and the horrors and evil of the holocaust. These events came true. Merlin said that a man on the shore of England will speak instantly to a man on the shore of France using a "speaking stone." That Merlin prediction sounds a lot like our common cell phones of today, doesn't it?

    More important for our concerns, Merlin also predicted global warming and saw the seas rising, terrorist attacks, and planetary catastrophe. Merlin saw what appears to be a nuclear meltdown disaster in Great Britain with 20,000 dead and the River Themes turning red with blood. Merlin also saw that the "planets will run out of their appointed paths, planets will run riot through the signs." This prediction sounds incredibly similar to what would occur on our planet if the North and South poles changed their locations and a polar shift takes place, which has been proved by science to have happened before.


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