TopicMy HP Printer is Offline, how to make it online?

  • Wed 18th Jul 2018 - 6:56am

    Printer Offline implies that your device can’t converse with the computer. You can solve this by following these steps:

     Check the status of your printer

    • Ensure that your printer is chosen as the Default
    • Ensure if the ‘Pause Printing’ Offline segments have been chosen
    • If you’re utilizing Windows 10, it’s worth examining for the latest Microsoft update.
    • Attempt resetting your HP printer & examining the connection status
    • The HP Print and Scan Doctor is a helpful tool to identify and determine printing issues

     This way you will be able to get your printer back online.

     For more info, visit the website:

    Name - Sophia Darcy Contact No. - 0800-090-3826 Website -

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