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  • Thu 19th Jul 2018 - 7:44am

    That is what you need to do to position yourself as the kind of leader people want to follow. What ever you learn, Profit Genesis 2.0 and top dogs are ALWAYS learning, you simply give it away to others. You know what they say, Whatever you give away always comes back, weather good or bad. So give give give and you will have people beating your door down to work with you. Just try that instead of always talking about how good your business is. So many get this wrong and end up struggling forever online. Value is what sells every time and the more you give the more money you will make from people attracted to you and your knowledge and will join you in whatever business your in. Absorb knowledge and then give it away in your own words. Words make people Millions of dollars and can do the same thing for you. Give it a try and find out. Then after you have built a good trusting relationship through your auto responder messages and webinars you can let them in on your business of choice. Because until you can show HOW to find others to people, your comp plan is just like all the rest. People join people not businesses or comp plans. This will help you stand out from the crowd along with your story which is what attracts people to YOU.
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