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  • Wed 1st Aug 2018 - 3:16pm

    The word "corruption" is used not only for the context of political and public administration, but also for personal life and commercial life. In this article we are writing a research paper on corruption. The first part of this research paper will describe the concept of corruption and its main problems.

    Definition of corruption and its concept-

    Ethical corruption tells about the condition of an individual or whole society. In which good qualities have been lost and the citizens have become corrupt.

    Corruption has also been promoted in the field of business. When a person misuses the belief of knowledge or authority and others for his personal selfishness and profit, then it also starts to get corrupted, for example, if a firm or company employee, his firm and the company's business policy, Share it with other people instead of money, it can promote corruption.

    Political corruption involves politics life practices. People of politics try to take away their misuse and bribe for their personal gain, and it promotes political corruption. Under the political corruption, a country, together with another country, attacks the conspiracy or its own country for its own benefit. By which he could make his country a powerful country and rule his own country.

    Due to the promotion of corruption-

    1. Fulfill your personal selfishness
    2. To bribe the laws of the country
    3. Taking bribe
    4. Access to others for your benefit
    5. Misuse of your posts


    In today's times, it has become very important to stop corruption. If it is not stopped then the economic development of the country will be weak and the country will not be able to progress further. Efforts should be made to stop corruption, which can reduce corruption gradually. To prevent corruption, the following measures should be taken-

    1. The public belief should be maintained and no effort should be made to break it.
    2. Political people should correct their position without misusing them.
    3. Politicians should not tell the secret information of their country to the neighboring country.
    4. Government offices should take strict action against corruption.
    5. Trade should be free of corruption. The wrong product should not be sold for its benefit.
    6. The public should not tolerate corruption because the corruption flourishes because the general public does not raise the voice against it and continues to exploit it. The public should raise voice against it to prevent this.
    7. Discipline should be exercised in private life with government offices and business. Corruption will end up automatically by doing so.

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