Topic Common Myths About Weight Loss

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 10:37am

    So what else do we have on our side? Green Barley Plus How about gut hormones!

    We have a back-up system provided by the release of certain substances in the gut. These travel to the brain where they increase feelings of satisfaction. They also tell the stomach it's time for serious digestion to start.

    And there's still more support...along comes leptin! Leptin is really handy. It's produced by body fat and travels to the brain in the blood- stream. When it gets to the brain it tries hard to nullify the effects of Ghrelin so that we know longer feel we want to eat. The more body fat you have the more leptin you produce and the less you want to eat. - that's the theory, anyway. But as we observe from the prevalence of obesity the theory doesn't seem to work too well in practice. There are some other appetite suppressant messengers like BDNF and NAPEs the characteristics of which you can follow up if you're interested.


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