TopicTinnitus and High Intensity Sound

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 12:19pm

    People with tinnitus must know the main reason of  Tinnitus Control Reviewwhy these symptoms occur as they can find better treatment to stop ears from ringing. It must be made sure that the symptom is not an expression of a fatal illness or an ailment that could cause to a lifetime of deafness. Treating the symptom will only be temporary and recurrence will eventually happen, and the body may be at risk if the main disease it not looked upon and treated. Furthermore, tinnitus can occur with people under antibiotics and chemotherapy. So self medication is discouraged and medicines that are taken must be doctor prescribed.

    Our sight deteriorates with age, as we get older many of us will find that we need to wear reading glasses. As time goes on, we may find that we need permanent aids to our sight. As with age, our hearing is the other sense that often gets worse over time. But why is it that there are only two senses that get worse with age when the other stay relatively in tact?

    With regards to our hearing, it is thought that the complexity of the hearing system has got something to do with it. Damage to the cochlea tiny hair cells in the ear is the most common cause of hearing loss. These tiny hairs are so very delicate and extremely necessary to our hearing. As we get older these delicate cells can get damaged due to general wear and tear which leads to hearing loss later in life. Our lifestyle over the years can also contribute to hearing loss in later life.

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