Topic ADHD Natural Remedies - Essential Oils

  • Fri 14th Sep 2018 - 1:17pm

    Dr. John Docherty (JD): Sure. The Brain Stimulator Method main theme of my work since the 1960s has remained the same, "How do we put knowledge into effective use to improve mental health?" Over the last century, medicine made tremendous progress in generating scientific and clinical knowledge. Basic research, discovery science, and clinical treatment development science have made great progress. The study of psychotherapy, however, lagged in development. In my role of Chief of the Psychosocial Treatments Branch of the NIMH, I supported the efforts of an extraordinary group of individuals to make possible the effective scientific study of the efficacy of psychotherapies.

    I would say that my major interest, however, has been in the next step, the science of knowledge transfer. There has been and remains a long and costly (in terms particularly of unnecessary suffering) lag between the development of new knowledge and its common and effective use in practice.

    Right now I am working on a plan to provide personalized, performance-based support for mental health professionals to progressively expand their range of competencies and to stay current in those areas of established competence. As Chief Medical Officer of Brain Resource, my role is to ensure the integrity of the clinical data in our platforms and systems.


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