TopicTips For Maintaining Post Frequency on Your Blog

  • Fri 11th Jan 2019 - 10:13am

    The other important aspect to a project such as this is using the best software to provide the besAppcoinert results. There are free plug ins for WordPress available which are RSS parsing tools but all lack the ability to really set a blog on auto pilot. They will tend to bring with the feed adverts and scripts from the original post and obviously this is not desirable. So, if you want to do this properly, then you will need to invest in a professional autoblogging program. This would be a one off payment of typically $150 or less but that would be recouped many times over in the long run when you start to make money from autoblogging.I have set up a blog about blogging which is working 100% on auto-pilot, This is a perfect example of autoblogging. The first post I made myself, but all of the other content is dripped into the blog at the rate of 2 posts per day. These posts come from both RSS feeds and from free PLR articles I have on my computer. I manage the blog for about 10 minutes each week to update and assess feeds and add posts to the schedule. This is all done by a software program called ABS, or Auto Blogging Software which is the most powerful autoblogging tool on the market.


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