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  • Sat 2nd Feb 2019 - 10:33am

    People around the world use office applications for various purposes whether it is preparing a presentation for educational use or managing implies details for big or small business etc. With the shift in technology, people now choose to work online as well. Since working online offers various options that are not available offline and vice-versa. While you work online, there is the feature of Auto Save so you don’t need to save your data again and again and no risk of losing it in case you forget to save. Moreover, you can mail any file or folder saved to your online account without hassle.

    But to access all these advanced features, you ought to have an Office MyAccount  In case you don’t have an account, visit the link to create- This account will allow you to use Skype,, One Drive, Windows Phone, and Xbox LIVE, Office online. Below are some advanced benefits of having an Office account:

    With the help of an user can manage office products that they have purchased.
    A subscribed user can check for validity of office expiry date and other details.
    Also, it Keeps users updated with every upcoming office features and services.

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