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  • Wed 28th Aug 2019 - 5:53am

    Self defense or self defence can be of many kinds. Basically it isSecret Death Touches a countermeasure to an attack on one's person; an act of defending oneself. Self-defense is not restricted to personal safety; it could include your household, property, family members etc. The 'right to defend oneself' is established by legal jurisdictions in many regions but the interpretation of the 'use of force in times of danger' varies widely.

    The use of physical force to counter a personal attack or an attack of violence can be classified in two ways - armed and unarmed. The chances of warding off an attack depends on many factors, but is largely related to the extent of severity of the attack and the mental ability and physical skill of the person warding off the attack.

    There are a wide range of self defense techniques - both armed and unarmed. While the armed category obviously uses weapons and firearms as protective measures and requires the person using such arms to have the skills and be in conformity with legal regulations, the unarmed category is the most widely used form of self defense. Techniques and practices of combat are codified by traditions and systems and are practiced for many reasons ranging from competition, entertainment, fitness and health, physical development, self defense and spiritual development.

    Experts opine that although there are many forms of combat and self defense practices, basic techniques are a must for everyone to protect themselves as a matter of firm right.I've always said that as a self-defense instructor, and someone who teaches principles and strategies of staying safe, I need to continually learn from others. I'm constantly reading, watching videos, and attending seminars so I can better help others. I also believe in supporting those who are also out there helping others stay safe and defend themselves. This is especially true of those doing a great job. That is why I want to recommend "Self-Defense Tips Everyone Should Know: Practical advice to help you take responsibility for your own personal safety" by Neal Martin.


  • Wed 28th Aug 2019 - 6:20am

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